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The power of Rudraksha beads

In 2012 I was asked by two friends to join them on a sourcing trip to Bali. We visited many craftsmen and shops and found the most exciting and inspiring products and techniques. Bali has many handcrafted products and is a good source for original and authentic interior products, jewellery and accessories. I bought some […]

Patu’s from Afghanistan

Afghanistan does not come easily to mind as a country to source for fabrics and garments because it is unsafe to travel.  It is no secret however that Afghanistan and surrounding countries have a very rich tradition in handcrafted fabrics, carpets and kilims, made from local resources as wool and cotton. Also silver and semi precious […]

Kikoy, Kanga and Kitenge at Kariakoo. 

Kikoy, Kanga and Kitenge are the African names for colorful wax print garments and fabrics. As a volunteer working for PUM (Netherlands senior expert’s organization) I was send to a project in Dar es Salaam in June 2017. My most favorite part of such a mission is a visit to the local fabric market. It […]

Handmade Batik From Tanzania

One of my favourite fabrics are batiks. When handmade every piece is unique. The history of its origin goes a long way and is complicated. The origin is most likely in Indonesia and there are different versions how the technique came to Africa. Now unfortunately many batiks are machine-made, imported from China. Handcrafted batik is […]