The power of Rudraksha beads

In 2012 I was asked by two friends to join them on a sourcing trip to Bali. We visited many craftsmen and shops and found the most exciting and inspiring products and techniques. Bali has many handcrafted products and is a good source for original and authentic interior products, jewellery and accessories. I bought some bracelets made from all types of beads. One of them was made with a semiprecious stone and Rudraksha beads. I wore the bracelet intensive and the Rudraksha beads are still undamaged.  

Rudraksha beads are seeds from the tree “Elaocarpus ganitrus”.  They are traditionally used as mala beads in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed that wearing these Rudraksha’s it will increase self-consciousness. In the long term they would have a positive effect on body and mind.   

We decided to use this meaningful bead in a small jewellery collection for AnnFind. The beads we use are grown on sustainable plantations in Indonesia. All beads are authentic, sorted and checked in order to use the best of these. Rudraksha beads have different faces and varieties. The Rudraksha bead we mainly use are the seeds with five facets, the so called Mukhi. Five natural lines from head to bottom. It is the most common Rudraksha and we combine them in our jewellery with recycled glass beads, gemstones, sterling silver and/or gold filled beads. Each item has a sterling silver or gold filled signature charm with the “AF”-symbol of AnnaFind.  

If you want to enjoy wearing Rudraksha’s for a long time, please treat them with respect and care. 

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